Did Turner write this Music?

There are a wide selection of possibilities for the authorship of this piece [Tabley No. 2 (1808, C1V page 52a)] and I would love for it to have been composed by JMW Turner himself. At the time it was written, in 1808, Turner had been studying the flute for perhaps one year. There is in fact little information documenting his musical interests but as a flute teacher myself, I have estimated that a student of 12-18 months could play a piece of this standard.

(..) there are two possibilities: this music was either written by JMW Turner or his teacher. The handwriting above each note is consistent with Turner’s handwriting. These notes also appear to be written by a right handed person which again correlates with Turner’s right-handedness. But, there is something about how deftly written the notes are, and the complicated mordent at the start of the first image which makes me think this may have been written by his teacher.




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